How can developers enter the video game market cost-effectively ? New features have already appeared! Read and rejoice!
We all know that usually established rules on the market are complicated to change, but those who break the rules receive great advantages …

GameGraph is an open crypto protocol aimed at transforming the global gaming industry.

GameGraph Protocol solves some of the most critical problems for players and developers. Today we tell about developers.

Why will developers use the GameGraph Protocol, if it breaks established rules? Let's have a look at the problems and solutions for developers.

About 60% of the global video game market is made up of products from the 10 largest game publishers. These include Electronic Arts, Blizzard, Microsoft, Tencent, and Valve among others. Unlimited financial resources of these giants have led to an explosive increase in customer acquisition cost, game marketing budgets and development costs.

This situation negatively affects middle-sized game studios as well as indie developers, who between them control the remaining 40 per cent of the global game market, which made 50 bln USD of revenue in 2018.

GameGraph provides services and tools for game developers that help them to:

  • reduce development costs;
  • get free traffic through player movement between games;
  • collect revenue every time their in-game items sold from one player to another;
  • reach game audiences directly and launch games without multimillion-dollar budgets.
The opportunities we are talking about became possible thanks to the cooperation with Hedera Hashgraph. On October 2, 2018, a joint press release was published. New technologies Heder Hashgrapr will contribute to the early realization of our project into reality.

We are creating new rules for the global game industry. Our slogan is Across games! Across worlds! Freedom of travel between digital worlds! Follow the news!

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